Enjoy cherry blossoms, fresh greenery, or autumn leaves in our open-air hot spring baths.

The real pleasure of our open-air hot spring baths comes from their location, where guests can enjoy a relaxing soak in the company of cherry blossoms, fresh greenery, or autumn leaves while experiencing the beauty of Japan&s four seasons.
Just 30 minutes by train from the metropolis of Osaka, Fushioukaku offers a truly unique open-air hot spring bathing experience, one of a kind in Osaka.

Open-Air Bath

Reclining Bath

Large indoor baths—the most popular at Japanese inns

In Japan, good manners require that bathers wash off in the shower before soaking in hot water.

  • Hot springs type: natural radium spring/carbonated spring
  • Effective against rheumatism, gout, arterial sclerosis, high blood pressure, chronic hepatitis, and so on.

Precautionary Note

Since this is a unique feature of Japanese culture, guests with tattoos are prohibited from entering the large indoor baths and open-air hot springs. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Hot Spring Bath Guide to Etiquette

We provide a guide for using the hot spring baths.

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