Welcome to the Fushioukaku Hot Springs Hotel, Osaka

Fushioukaku is a hot springs hotel located 30 minutes by train from Osaka’smajor sightseeing and shopping areas that attract many foreign tourists.
At the hotel, guests can experience Japanese culture and warm hospitality, including the best open-air hot spring baths in Osaka, Japanese-style tatami (straw-mat) rooms, and traditional Japanese cuisine and dress or kimono.

Hospitality at Fushioukaku

Natural Hot Springs

1.Natural Hot Springs

Located just 30 minutes by train from JR Osaka Station (Umeda)

The ideal location in Osaka for enjoying natural hot springs and open-air baths surrounded by nature.
Includes both men’s and women’s baths.We have five open-air baths and two large indoor hot spring baths.

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2.  Twenty Rooms with Open-Air Baths

Rooms with private, open-air baths

Guests can enjoy the lush green scenery while soaking in their private open-air bath.

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Rooms with private, open-air hot spring baths
Japanese-Style Rooms

3.Japanese-Style Rooms

Guests sleep on a futon placed on the tatami floor.

Guests can change into a yukata or Japanese light cotton (summer) kimono and relax in this basic Japanese-style room.

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Japanese Cuisine

4.Japanese Cuisine

We serve traditional Japanese cuisine, including sashimi and tempura.

Dinner consists of healthy traditional Japanese cuisine, including sashimi and tempura.

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5.  Free Colorful Yukata Rental(for women only)

We provide a colorful yukata rental service for guests who book via the hotel’s website.

Why not take a memorable photo wearing the yukata of your choice?
Free-rental coupon for a colorful yukata

Free-rental coupon for a colorful yukat

Tourist information

Our hot springs hotel is ideally located for sightseeing in Kyoto, Nara, and Kobe!


■Shopping Areas

Dotonbori in Namba and Shinsaibashi (50 minutes by train)
Guests can enjoy shopping as well as Osaka’s traditional cuisine, such as takoyaki and okonomiyaki.

Umeda in Osaka (30 minutes by train)
The area around this station is home to three department stores and other specialty stores, as well as the hugely popular Umeda Sky Building.

■Osaka Castle and Sightseeing spots (50 minutes by train)

Osaka Castle is a typical Japanese castle. This historical building from the samurai period is a popular sightseeing spot.

■Universal Studios Japan (50 minutes by train)

The most popular theme park in Osaka.


A fashionable bay area that is characteristic of the Kansai region.


One of the country’s most attractive sightseeing areas, Kyoto displays Japan’s four seasons in its cherry blossoms and autumn leaves, as well as its Shinto shrines and Buddhist temples.


This sightseeing spot is home to several world heritages sites. It’s also popular for the deer that roam its streets, as well as its Great Buddha.

A recommended sightseeing spot!  (15 minutes by car from the hotel)

Ikeda is the birthplace of Nishin, the company that developed Cup Noodles, a brand that has become popular all over the world. At the Museum, visitors can make their own original Cup Noodles.

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Osaka Hot Spring 不死王閣

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